By Cheryl Siegel, Publication Manager/Social Media Coordinator & Yvonne Ng, Annual Giving & Donor Relations Officer

Falling in love. Maybe it’s sudden. Or maybe it’s a slow burn that ignites into full blown euphoria and amazement. Sometimes it’s inexplicable and other times you might need convincing, so here are 10 reasons to fall in love with OCW.

  1. It doesn’t cost a thing. You heard that right—everything on OCW is free! There are more than 2,500 MIT courses and supplemental resources that span both the undergraduate and graduate levels in 34 disciplines all for $0.00.
  2. Lose yourself in hours of video. Have you already watched everything on Netflix? Whether you’re into math, science, economics, or even music, you will find tons of videos to watch on our YouTube channel. Our fans watched 26 million minutes of video last month!
  3. Don’t just play video gamescreate them. Learn game design methods, how to develop video games, and how to build video games using the Unity game engine, and Arduino microcontrollers
  4. Food glorious food! OCW has so many courses about food! Whether you want to Speak Italian with Your Mouth Full, learn about the history of cookbooks, test the microstructure of cheese, or cook up a little kitchen chemistry, we have something to whet your appetite.
  5. We have our own nerdy reality show. The reality series “ChemLab Bootcamp” follows 14 first-year students as they learn the ins and outs of working in a chemistry lab. Hijinks and broken glass ensue.  
  6. Sharing is caring. MIT really wants you to use, distribute, remix, and share all of these educational materials far and wide (with our Creative Commons License). And when you share OCW with your loved one, you show them you believe they can learn anything.
  7. Learn from some of the most brilliant educators in the world. You think Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T.? Check out our amazing MIT faculty, who are some of the most accomplished educators in their fields. Check out the OCW Educator portal to gain insights into the minds of MIT faculty who want to share how they teach.
  8. Become a Scholar. OCW Scholar is a collection of 16 introductory-level courses that provide you with ALL the resources you need for independent study. We’ll bring the materials, you bring the zest for learning!
  9. Chalk Radio podcast. Listen to host Sarah Hansen and her guests talk about what inspires them to teach. It is both illuminating and inviting. Grab your favorite beverage and listen happily for hours.
  10. Overcome your fear of public speaking. In case you are ready to profess your love out loud and maybe even publicly, you can check out this one-hour master class, “How to Speak,” by the late Prof. Patrick Winston. 

P.S. Do you want to read a good love story?  Check out our post about MIT alum Gene Stark and his love affair with MIT OCW.