Group of Turkish students gather to learn with OCW courses

Image courtesy of the Members of İleri Çalışmalar.

Study group of medical students in Turkey uses free resources to pursue a PhD-level research agenda

“We didn’t have the chance to do doctoral-level research during medical school. We decided to create that for ourselves.”

Photo of 4 medical students standing outside a school building underneath a tent, with informational posters behind them and flyers on the table in front of them.
The co-founders of the study group İleri Çalışmalar, or “Advanced Studies,” at Ege University Faculty of Medicine in Turkey.

Support and collaboration to pursue focused interests

Photo of a student lounge with 8 students sitting in a semi-circle of couches and chairs, with a table between them. A poster with the school name is behind them.
A study session of İleri Çalışmalar on Ege University Faculty of Medicine campus.

The toolkits to build their own future

“We want to solve the problems that come from these diseases, but we need the toolkits to do research. Thanks to MIT OpenCourseWare and our own efforts, I hope we can create some vision — a path for other students after us.”