The 2023 MacVicar Faculty fellows are (clockwise from top left): Marah Gubar, John Gabrieli, Larry Sass, and Adam C. Martin. (Photos by Tory Preston-Djamboe, Justin Knight, Terry Sass, and Lillian Eden, respectively. Courtesy of MIT Registrar’s Office.)

By Peter Chipman, OCW Digital Publication Specialist and OCW Educator Assistant

For the past 31 years, the MacVicar Faculty Fellows Program has honored several MIT professors each year who have made outstanding contributions to undergraduate teaching, educational innovation, and mentoring.

This year’s awardees are Professors John Gabrieli (brain and cognitive sciences), Marah Gubar (literature), Adam C. Martin (biology), and Larry Sass (architecture). OCW is honored to share courses from three of this year’s Fellows:

John Gabrieli

Adam C. Martin

Larry Sass

Through the OCW Educator initiative, we have also collected Instructor Insights from many past MacVicar Fellows. On the OCW website, you can delve into the minds of Catherine Drennan, Lorna Gibson, George Verghese, Patrick Henry Winston, and many other MIT professors advancing teaching and learning in their fields.