Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement of our new Facebook “Share Quote” tool, we’re excited to unveil an even bigger OCW site enhancement: dynamic sorting and filtering on course lists.

If you’ve spent any time on OCW, you’ve seen these lists. We have several different kinds, to suit different ways of finding courses. Whether you’re browsing by topic, going straight to a particular MIT department like Economics, perusing one of our highlights collections such as the newest courses, or exploring a cross-disciplinary subject like the environment, you’ll find course lists all over the OCW site.

And with over 2400 courses now on OCW, some of these lists have become quite long!

Now you can filter any list to show only those courses with particular types of content – such as complete lecture notes, videos, or example student projects – and also reorder the list to display most recent courses first, rather than in ascending course number sequence.

Say you’re interested in game design. On the Find by Topic page, under the Fine Arts > Game Design subtopic, you’ll currently find a list of 22 OCW courses.

If you’re specifically looking for recent examples of student game design projects, 22 courses might be too many to go through one-by-one. As shown in the animation above: click the ‘Student projects’ content filter and the list reduces to just 10 courses; sort the list by ‘Most Recent First,’ and your most relevant course moves to the top of the list.

We’re confident this enhancement will sweeten your OCW experience. Please check it out and let us know!