Photo series showing a large drop detaching from a stream of smaller droplets.

Photo sequence of the “gobbling droplets” phenomenon, from 2.25 Advanced Fluid Mechanics. (Photo by Jose Bico and Christian Clasen, used courtesy of Prof. Gareth McKinley.)

Yesterday, June 30, marked the official end of OCW’s spring publication cycle. Since last week’s new courses post, we have added ten more courses our growing pool: six that are new to OCW, and four that are updates to previously published subjects.

New Courses

Updated Courses

The final tally? That’s 21 courses published in the month of June, and 69 courses published so far in 2015. As always, our New Courses page lists everything published in the past six months.

Overall, MIT OpenCourseWare now has over 2,280 courses and 47 supplemental resources from across the MIT curriculum. We are grateful for the continued support of so many MIT faculty willing to share their teaching materials and insights with you via OCW.