The concepts and skills you learn in an MIT class are never confined to just one class; they build on each other, cross disciplines, and lead to new insights. The website Crosslinks makes these connections clear.


Crosslinks is a website authored by MIT students, edited and checked by MIT faculty, that relates topics across the undergraduate curriculum. Each topic links to reference material, making frequent use of OpenCourseWare resources! Take a look at Block Diagrams, for example:

crosslink exampleYou can learn about block diagrams on OCW in 18.03SC, 6.003, and 16.06. You’re linked not just to the course, but to the specific lecture note or book chapter that’s most relevant to the topic. Once you study the material, you can apply what you’ve learned to a question on a problem set.

If a topic you’re interested in is on Crosslinks, this is a great way to zero in on what OCW material will be most helpful to you. Crosslinks is just getting started, and more topics are added all the time. (You can see all the topics here.) Visit the site and let us know what you think!