Are you an educator who wants to enhance your classroom with educational technology? You may be interested in Blended Learning with edX, an online course actually created by the edX team (instead of by a university partner, like MITx).


The course intro video showcases TEAL, MIT’s Technology Enabled Active Learning classroom. We’ve published a few MIT math and physics courses that use TEAL on OCW:

In particular, the Instructor Insights page at the course site for 18.05 goes into depth about TEAL and how it’s used to teach math in an active way. You’ll see a diagram of the setup of the classroom, and a photograph of the students working. Scroll down to A Day in 18.05 to see a lecture video and a timeline that walks you through each in-class activity. We’ve written about active learning in 18.05 on the blog before, if you’d like even more information.