Earlier this year, we launched the OCW Educator initiative, to articulate and share MIT’s best pedagogical practices, and to help OCW users better understand the context in which OCW materials were originally used on campus.

OCW Educator has been on a roll! So far, sixty OCW courses have published with “This Course at MIT” content. [Note: this content his since been relabeled “Instructor Insights“; as of 2018, over 200 courses have been published with such content.] A few of the best, with extensive instructor insights, have been profiled here in Open Matters.

But among the thousands of OCW courses published prior to launching OCW Educator, there are other pedagogical gems. For instance, some courses have a short introduction video in which faculty summarize the objectives, salient features, and pedagogy for their course. We’ve just created the collection Pedagogy Highlights in Course Introduction Videos to feature several intro videos of particular interest to educators.

Here’s a sample: Prof. Donald Sadoway describes his approach to teaching introductory chemistry.

See the complete collection of Pedagogy Highlights in Course Introduction Videos.