Photo of half-illuminated Earth taken from the moon.

Earthrise, 1968. (Courtesy of NASA.)

Are you curious about what it’s like to be a student at MIT? In the MIT Admissions blogs written by current students, you’ll find deeply personal insights into the MIT experience, and many inspiring moments.

Take this recent post by Michael C. ’16, a mechanical engineering major.

Poetry is such a dense, compact form of language. It packs pages and pages of meaning into just a few verses. In a world where we are surrounded by anonymous, thoughtless, prosaic prose — think endless listicles on Facebook — reading a piece where every syllable, every punctuation mark, every line, is carefully considered…it’s a breath of fresh air.

And that ability to convey lots of meaning very succinctly is vital in any walk of life. As one of my NASA supervisors told me over the summer, “Nobody cares unless you tell a story.”

Take the project I was working on: designing and building prototypes for an enormous space telescope. Why was this project important?

Find out why, in Michael C.’s complete blog post.

He embodies one of the reasons the humanities are so important and so strong at MIT. If this inspires you to engage with some poetry, you’re sure to find helpful resources in this collection of over 20 poetry-related courses on OCW.