Image promoting National Chemistry Week, with lots of candy.

National Chemistry Week is October 19-25, 2014. (Image courtesy of American Chemical Society.)

It’s National Chemistry Week! This yearly event, organized by the American Chemical Society, encourages chemists and chemistry enthusiasts to promote the value of chemistry in everyday life. This year’s theme is “The Sweet Side of Chemistry — Candy.”

Indulge your sweet tooth while learning something new with these two highlights from the OCW collection.

In Kitchen Chemistry, ice cream is both a tasty recipe and a pathway for learning about temperature-driven phase transitions and the colloidal state.  Other foods from scones and coffee to 3-bean chili round out the menu.

And in this video from Chemistry Behind the Magic: Chemical Demonstrations for the Classroom (a resource in OCW’s Highlights for High School), a gummy bear donates its body to science.

These are just two of many great chemistry resources in OCW. Highlights for High School has a particularly rich collection of chemistry content geared toward high school students and teachers, with several engaging video series, highlights from introductory MIT courses, and exam prep resources.

Also, check out these lists of all OCW courses from MIT’s Chemistry department, and all OCW courses on chemistry topics from every MIT department.