Screenshot of a MOOC website prerequisite statement: "Classical mechanics and chemistry at the 1st year university level; differential equations."

The MOOC you’re taking suggests some college-level prerequisites? Have no fear.

Maybe you took the required math and science courses in college, but that was longer ago than you’d care to admit…and the details have gotten hazy. And maybe some parts didn’t fully sink in the first time around.

You just need a trustworthy resource for review, whether it’s a quick reminder on a few points, or a complete run-through.

You need this content right now, on demand, and built for self-paced learning.

You need MIT OpenCourseWare.

We’ve got videos, course notes, problems with solutions…everything you need to shake out those cobwebs, jog your memory, fill in the gaps. And if your MOOC inspires you to keep learning, look to OCW for more free learning materials, always available, on thousands of topics.

For upcoming and current MITx courses running in edX, OCW curates a list of related OCW content. But no matter who’s behind your MOOC, OCW can support you on your learning journey.

Here’s a selection of OCW resources most likely to help with MOOC prerequisites.





Computer Programming

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