Graphic introducing OCW Scholar

What’s it like to be a freshman at MIT? Dorms, roommates, late-night pizza…new opportunities for hands-on learning, collaboration, and rich personal connections…and a rigorous and fascinating set of courses.

OCW can’t give you campus living or discover your new favorite lab partner. But with our OCW Scholar collection, you can explore all of the courses in a typical MIT freshman year: six core classes in calculus, physics, chemistry, and biology, and a couple of electives. Each OCW Scholar course has everything you need for self-study: lecture videos with some of MIT’s best faculty, notes, assignments and exams with solutions, and supplemental problem solving or study materials.

You might follow the example of new MIT freshman Monica Valcourt, recently profiled in MIT News. While a high school sophomore, Monica used the OCW Scholar course 9.00SC Introduction to Psychology for independent study, since her school didn’t offer a psychology course. She got her school to grade her work and provide credit for this course. Watching the videos, reading the books, and doing the homework ultimately earned her an A in the course. Monica continued on with other OCW courses, including computer programming — which she hopes will become her MIT major.

Here’s what a typical MIT freshman might take, assuming no AP credits for physics or calculus:

Semester 1

Semester 2

The OCW Scholar collection continues with several more STEM subjects taken by many MIT sophomores: differential equations, linear algebra, physics of vibrations and waves, probabilityintroduction to electrical engineering, and engineering dynamics.

With fifteen courses in all, OCW Scholar gives you a hearty slice of the MIT undergraduate experience. But you’ll need to supply the pizza.