Photo of two women at a table looking at several hourglasses.

Students in Lean Enterprise en Español work on a simulation exercise. (Photo courtesy of Jaime Muro.)

Many businesses look to Lean methods to boost productivity, maximize value to customers and minimize waste.  If you want to learn about Lean, OCW has new courses for you…in English and in Spanish!

Our updated version of 16.660J Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods adds many new videos and resources. With this update, you can learn about Lean in healthcare, witness a sequence of classroom active learning exercises and simulations, and see Lean manufacturing applied in a New Balance® factory tour.

We are thrilled to have also just published a variation of this course in Spanish: Lean Enterprise en Español. Professor Earll Murman travels the world teaching about Lean, and last year he worked with colleagues in Chile to translate his materials for an MIT Professional Education offering. This course has all the lecture slides and exercises in Spanish, along with two subtitled videos from the 16.660J Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods collection.

Over the past decade, our translation partners have translated hundreds of OCW courses into eight different languages, bringing OCW content to more learners around the globe. This includes over 70 OCW courses translated into Spanish on the Universia site. But this is the first time a translated course has been published directly on MIT OpenCourseWare.

Asi que estudien Lean Seis Sigma y prosperen!