We’ve blogged about MIT+K12 Videos before; today BostInno posted a great writeup about the program with insights from program coordinator Elizabeth Choe:

In Choe’s eyes, MIT K+12 is a way to train ambassadors for science and engineering or spawn the next generation’s Bill Nye the Science Guy. The popular 1990s show helped highlight there was more to science than what classrooms and textbooks portray. “Having this trusted guy on screen is powerful,” Choe said, admitting much of what she learned growing up was from tuning in to the show.

“I tell the students they’re like Bill Nye 2.0,” Choe added. “Instead of one host, a white dude, we have a gamut of students with different personalities and interests.”

Through the program, MIT students are taught how to write a compelling script, be an engaging narrator and host and shoot video. “We train them on science communication in a way that’s very different,” Choe explained. “Instead of writing a journal article, they’re learning how to keep an audience that doesn’t have a science background.” Read the entire article on BostInno.

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