just picked up this fun video with solid MIT roots.

The original film (sans soundtrack, and about 3x faster) was created in 1965 by MIT Professor Kevin Lynch, as part of his studies into the theory of city form and of human perceptions of the city.

The influential course he created on this subject, Theory of City Form, has been offered every year at MIT for nearly 6 decades, with Prof. Julian Beinhart teaching it for the past 36 years. OCW recently published the 2013 version of Theory of City Form, with a complete set of lecture videos and Prof. Beinhart’s insights into teaching.  Highly recommended!

[By the way, that original driving video is also part of the Teaching Excellence at MIT video collection, alongside a heartwarming profile of MIT social life in the 1950s, various Harold “Doc” Edgerton features, and other Institute highlights.  But that’s a blog post, or several, for future days…]