Among OCW’s most popular resources are Herb Gross’s pioneering distance-education math videos, known as “Calculus Revisited.” First released in 1970-1972, they have found new life and an adoring 21st century audience among OCW users.

Among the glowing user comments: “I simply can’t stop watching them” … “mesmerizing” … “one of the most lucid teaching styles i’ve ever seen” … “definitely recommended for students who are going to take a calculus class for the first time.”

Now, we are pleased to report that Herb has received an honorary doctorate from the State University of New York (SUNY).

This honorary degree is a fitting acknowledgment of Gross’ significant contributions to mathematics education.

Throughout his 55-year career of innovative teaching, publications, and service, Gross focused on his goal of reducing mathematical illiteracy in society. His commitment continues to this day through his signature pedagogy “Math as a Second Language.” This free course is offered through his open-access website, and it is currently offered as a summer workshop in the Corning-Painted Post school district in conjunction with CCC and Corning Enterprises.

Gross was working as a graduate student/teaching assistant when the president of CCC invited him to be founding chair for the new college’s mathematics department. At CCC from 1958-68, Gross pioneered distance education through Corning’s Educational Television Network. He then returned to MIT’s Center for Advanced Engineering Study where he developed a video refresher course for engineering executives returning to graduate study. Over 55,000 engineers, technicians, and scientists from six continents have taken the course, which is still available on MIT’s website. Read more…

All of the videos, plus supplemental notes and study guides, can be found in these three OCW collections: