One of the great things about MOOCs is the instant feedback you receive when you answer a question: did I get that one right? Should I watch that video again to be sure?

In the OCW course 2.086 Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers, OCW visitors can get the same feedback about their MATLAB® code. The instructors created “Grade-o-Matic” software files to accompany each of the six assignments.

According to the instructions for Assignment 1 (PDF), “The Grade-o-Matic software runs your code for a set of ‘in-stances’ of the input parameters… It assigns and displays credit for each auto-gradable question if and only if your codes work correctly.”

The Grade-o-Matics were used by the MIT students and teaching assistants to check their code while they took the class, and we’re glad to share this exciting feature with OCW learners.