The OpenCourseWare Consortium has announced the 2014 winners of Site, Course, and Project Awards for OpenCourseWare Excellence (ACE).  Congratulations to all!

Site and Course Awards

This year’s Site and Course awards fall into three categories: Outstanding Site, Outstanding Course, and Open MOOC.

Outstanding Site Winners

Outstanding Course Winners

Open MOOC Winners

  • Solar Energy (Delft University of Technology; Dr. Arno Smets)
  • Introduction to Water Treatment (Delft University of Technology; Prof.Dr.Ir. Jules B. van Lier)
  • Pre-Algebra CCC 2013 (Cuyahoga Community College; Professor Idrissa Aidara, Professor Don Gabriel, Professor Curtis Kaschube, Professor Cathleen Rossman, Professor Michael Wilkins, Dr. Belinda Miles, Dr. Charles Dull, Sash Thackaberry, and Cheryl Knight)

Read the full press release on Site and Course Awards.

Project Awards

The Project awards are a new category aiming to recognize efforts that support the production, use and/or promotion of OCW/OER in ways other than the creation and use of material resource, and fall into two categories: Creative Innovation and Open Research..

Creative Innovation Winners

The Creative Innovation Award recognizes outstanding innovations that bring a new approach to Open Education. These may be ideas or solutions presented as sites, courses or projects that substantially improve the discoverability, presentation, usability, accessibility or availability of course materials.

  • Sésamath (SESAMATH)
  • Slidewiki (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn; Darya Tarasowa, Ali Khalili, Sören Auer)

Open Research Winners

The Open Research Award recognizes excellence in research studies about open education and/or related areas. These may be studies that help advance our understanding and demonstrate effectiveness related to challenges in discoverability, presentation, usability, accessibility or availability of OCW/OER.

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