Here’s a great piece in Fast Company on Kerry Emanuel, instructor for the MITx MOOC 12.340x Global Warming Science, which kicks off tomorrow on the edX site:

Let An MIT Hurricane Expert Explain What All This Extreme Weather Means For The Planet

Climate change is perhaps the single most important challenge we’ll deal with in the coming centuries. Kerry Emanuel breaks down what’s happening now and how science can help us cope.

Kerry Emanuel is one of the world’s foremost experts on hurricanes. As a respected scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he’s published a spate of important, widely cited papers linking climate change to increasingly dangerous weather. But for doing his job, Emanuel’s also received emails threatening his family. He continues to do it anyway.

Yesterday, Emanuel hosted a timely Reddit AMA, during which he answered lots of questions about severe weather and climate change. Not everything can be definitively pinned on climate (even though this winter really sucks), nor can we point to one solution (like shooting aerosol into the atmosphere to cool it) to mitigate all the radical changes ahead. At the same time, Emanuel did illuminate critical ways in which science can help us frame our thinking for the future. Read more.