Digital leadership, by Eric Sheninger.

Digital leadership, by Eric Sheninger.

Our congratulations to Eric Sheninger, principal at New Milford High School in New Jersey and friend of MIT OpenCourseWare, on the release of his new book, Digital Leadership.

Among his innovative uses of technology, Eric and co-conspirator Juliana Meehan created a unique independent study option for his students based on MIT OpenCourseWare materials.

Here’s the Amazon description of the book:

It’s time for the next generation of leadership.

Digital leadership is a strategic mindset and set of behaviors that leverages resources to create a meaningful, transparent, and engaging school culture. It takes into account recent changes such as ubiquitous connectivity, open-source technology, mobile devices, and personalization to dramatically shift how schools have been run and structured for over a century.  Leading in education becomes exponentially powerful when using technology to your advantage.

Eric Sheninger—“Principal Twitter”—shares his Pillars of Digital Leadership to help readers

  • Transform school culture by initiating sustainable change
  • Use free social media tools to improve communication, enhance public relations, and create a positive brand presence
  • Integrate digital tools into the classroom to increase student engagement and achievement
  • Facilitate professional learning and access new opportunities and resources

The time is now, whether you are a building level or teacher leader, to boldly move schools forward in the digital age.

Congratulations again to Eric.