XSeries programs to be priced at $50.00 to $100.00 per course
CAMBRIDGE, MA, November 21, 2013 –  MITx, the massive open online course (MOOC) program at MIT, is announcing its third XSeries program, Aerodynamics. XSeries programs offer recognition for completion of a series of related MOOCs. In September, MITx announced the first two XSeries programs, Fundamentals of Computer Science and Supply Chain Management.

The new Aerodynamics XSeries includes two courses: 16.101x Introduction to Aerodynamics, which is currently running on the edX site, and 16.110x Flight Vehicle Aerodynamics, which will begin in early 2014.   Students currently enrolled in 16.101x who successfully complete the course will be able to apply it toward an XSeries certificate at no charge.

“This XSeries combines the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics with the modeling concepts and techniques used in aerodynamic analysis and design of modern aircraft,” says 16.110x instructor Professor Mark Drela in describing the program. “It gives the students a solid grounding in the discipline of aerodynamics, and provides the skills they need to apply that knowledge.”

The Aerodynamics XSeries takes students from the fundamentals of fluid mechanics to their application in aerodynamics. Students gain a conceptual understanding of critical fluid dynamic phenomena from boundary layers to shock waves, and develop a firm foundation in the aerodynamic methods used to analyze and design modern aircraft.  The concepts learned are relevant to other areas including wind turbines, hydrodynamics, and even bird flight.  The XSeries is appropriate for students with a solid background in mechanics, vector calculus, and differential equations.

XSeries Pricing Announced

MITx is also announcing pricing for XSeries courses, which will be $50.00 for short courses such as the components of the Fundamentals of Computer Science XSeries and $100.00 for longer courses, such as those in the Aeronautics XSeries.  All courses have a free audit option and the course fees cover identity verification and support MITx and edX sustainability.  The same pricing structure will be used for standalone MITx courses that offer identity verification as well.

Other XSeries Offerings

The previously announced XSeries program Fundamentals of Computer Science began last in September with 6.00.1x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python, which was offered without ID verification or fees.  Students successfully completing this course will be permitted to apply the course to the XSeries certificate at no cost.  Students who successfully completed the MITx course 6.00x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming prior to December 31, 2013, will also be permitted to apply this course to the Fundamentals of Computer Science XSeries certificate at no cost, replacing 6.00.1x and 6.00.2x.

The second course in the Fundamentals of Computer Science XSeries, 6.00.2x Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science, will be offered in early 2014. The previously announced Supply Chain Management XSeries will offer the first of three modules, SCx1 Supply Chain and Logistics Fundamentals, in fall 2014. The remaining two modules, SCx2 Design of Supply Chain Systems and SCx3 Supply Chain Strategy, will be offered in spring and summer 2015 respectively.  For more information about MIT’s XSeries offerings, please visit: https://www.edx.org/xseries

About MITx

The MITx program supports MIT’s exploration of teaching approaches enabled by digital technologies, both on the MIT campus and through scalable online courses on the edX platform.  MITx is a constituent organization of MIT’s new Office of Digital Learning, under the leadership of the Director of Digital Learning, Professor Sanjay Sarma.

About edX

EdX is a not-for-profit enterprise composed of 30 leading global institutions, the xConsortium. Founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, edX is focused on transforming online and on-campus learning through groundbreaking methodologies, game-like experiences and cutting-edge research on an open source platform. EdX provides inspirational and transformative knowledge to students of all ages, social status, and income who form worldwide communities of learners. EdX is focused on people, not profit, and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the USA.

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