As reported today in the Chronicle of Higher Education, edX president Anant Agawal will be part of a new council convened by Carnegie Mellon University to “develop standards and promote best practices in online education.”  From the article:

New Council to Develop Standards, Best Practices for Online Learning

November 11, 2013, 10:01 am
By Megan O’Neil
Carnegie Mellon University is convening a high-powered consortium of educators, researchers, and technology-company executives that will spearhead efforts to develop standards and promote best practices in online education.

The Global Learning Council—to be led by Carnegie Mellon’s president, Subra Suresh—will also look for ways to leverage education-technology resources and disseminate data in an education landscape that some think is being turned on its head.

“In the last few years there has been a lot of discussion thanks to the development of technology about the delivery of education in a scalable way to large numbers of students across national borders,” Mr. Suresh says. “The missing piece is how much are students learning amid all this technology? The other piece is what are the metrics, best practices, and eventually standards, if you will, that are collectively developed and acceptable for those who engage?”

The council is being assembled in parallel with the Simon Initiative, a new push at Carnegie Mellon to accelerate research on technology-aided learning. Named in honor of the late Carnegie Mellon professor and artificial-intelligence pioneer Herbert A. Simon, it will elevate and provide additional money for learning-science research on the campus, Mr. Suresh says. Read more.