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We live in a golden age of personal learning. If you have access to a computer, you have access to knowledge from thousands of universities around the world—big and small—from developed and developing countries. OpenCourseWare, open access journals, open text books, massive open online courses—the options for free and low cost online learning grow daily.

MIT OpenCourseWare helped to touch off this revolution in 2002, and OCW remains at the forefront of creating free and openly licensed educational resources for educators and learners worldwide. We now share materials from 2,180 MIT undergraduate and graduate courses drawn from all 33 of the Institute’s academic programs. We’ve developed innovative new resources like OCW Scholar courses and the Mechanical MOOC.

This year, we’ve been hard at work with MIT faculty to capture even more pedagogical information so we can share not just what we teach, but how we teach it. We hope this initiative, called OCW Educator, will make OCW an even more effective resource for supporting the millions of educators who bring our materials into their classrooms.

We continue to reach unprecedented numbers of people worldwide, more than 170 million at last count. Our site received 23 million visits in 2012 and we expect to receive at least 27 million visits by the end of this year. But we need your help to serve the growing numbers of people who come to our site.
Your donations provide the resources we need to publish new and updated courses, meet the increasing costs for global distribution of our content, and continue creating innovations like OCW Scholar and OCW Educator.

By supporting OCW, you support the online learning revolution and the tremendous benefits and opportunities created by free access to knowledge. If you can afford to contribute to OCW, then please donate today. Your donation, large or small, makes a difference.