ocw10_badge_180whiteToday marks the 10th anniversary of an important moment in the history of MIT OpenCourseWare.  Our site officially launched on October 1, 2003, with materials from 500 MIT courses.

Today, we’re up to 2,180 undergraduate and graduate courses from all of MIT’s departments, and we are proud and humbled to say that we estimate 170 million people have accessed that content in the past ten years.
As always, the true heroes are the 1,750 MIT faculty, teaching staff and researchers who have voluntarily chosen to share their teaching materials on OCW. Their generosity has resulted in some truly remarkable usage numbers for the program:

  • 10 billion server hits (files requested from OCW servers)
  • 870 million page views
  • 135 million visits to the main OCW site
  • 45 million visits to translations of OCW content
  • 43.5 million iTunes lecture video downloads
  • 48.6 million YouTube lecture video views
  • 18.5 million downloads of course content .zip files

We can’t wait to see how many more people we can reach in our next ten years!