2.03x Lead Graphic Image

2.03x Dynamics MOOC tracks very closely to experience of the residential version

An MITx course announced today will give students a chance to learn a foundational mechanical engineering subject at the same level of challenge as MIT students. The course, 2.03x Dynamics, is open for registration on the edX platform and begins October 28th.

“This course is one of the classic first year mechanical engineering courses at MIT,” says Professor David Gossard, one of the course instructors, “and it has the same rigor as the on campus version. 2.03x is a great way to discover what mechanical engineering is about.”

2.03x is a companion course to 2.01x Elements of Structures, which was offered Spring 2013 and will be available again in Spring 2014.  These two courses present part of the core of the first year curriculum for mechanical engineering majors at MIT.

A typical week of the course will include lecture and recitation videos, concept questions and a problem set, closely mirroring the campus pedagogy.  Exams also play a significant role in determining student success, just as they do on the MIT campus.

Students taking the course should have a strong background in classical mechanics and multivariate calculus.  Students will learn to analyze and predict the dynamic behavior of objects and systems, their motions and associated forces, and understand mechanical systems of complexity that are representative of engineering practice.  Students will also analyze the kinematics of mechanisms, understand torque and angular momentum in rigid bodies in rotation, and imbalance in rotating systems.

In addition to 2.03x Dynamics, MITx is offering five other new courses on the edX platform this fall.  New courses include 24.00x Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness, 4.605x A Global History of Architecture,  3.086x Innovation and Commercialization,  8.01x Classical Mechanics, and 16.101x Introduction to Aerodynamics. In addition, MITx will offer courses previously available, including 6.002x Circuits and Electronics.