P2PU’s Mechanical MOOC “A Gentle Introduction to Python” course starting June 17th began distributing “getting ready” e-mails yesterday with this one:

Good people of the Mechanical MOOC,
Welcome to an experiment in online learning. MOOC knows you’re mighty excited to begin learning Python. We’ll be up and operational shortly. Read on to find out what happens next.

When Do We Start?
The course begins June 17th. Mechanical MOOC asks you to kindly start your engines.

What Should I Do?
Get set up for the class and get to know the participating sites between now and June 17th. The Mechanical MOOC is a new model for online learning, one that works by combining existing web resources rather than creating a whole new learning environment. This gives you the best of what’s out there, but it means you need to take a few minutes to understand the course structure and learn how each site works.

How Do I Do That?
Over the next couple of days, we’ll send you e-mails with preparation instructions or a brief description of each participating site, plus links to key features so you can begin to get to know these resources. You can begin to set up your accounts and profiles as you explore.  We’ll send more specifics on how the course will work soon.

Please note:  If you are receiving this e-mail but DO NOT want to participate in the course, please unsubscribe from this mailing list using the link below.  This will help us to better understand how many people are actually participating in the course.  Thanks!
Get MOOCing!
– The Mechanical MOOC

There’s still plenty of time to sign up for the course, and don’t worry about missing e-mails.  They are all archived here.  Learn more about this unique model for massive online learning with these FAQs.