In one week, we reached 28% of the OCW Gift Challenge! We are grateful to the 206 people who have donated and brought us closer to meeting this challenge.
We still have a long way to go and with 27 days left in this campaign, we need your help! This is a participation challenge and so each person who donates counts toward our goal (and any donation, large or small, makes a difference)!
If you’ve already donated, then thank you for joining our community of supporters.
If you can afford to contribute to OCW, then please donate today. Please also encourage your friends, colleagues and family to do the same. Thank you in advance for helping us reach our goal.
Also, if you are able to donate, then please let us know what motivates you to support our work. We especially enjoy receiving feedback from our donors like Maria, an independent learner from the US who told us,

“When I was a child, I grew up in a household with 14 sisters and brothers. My mother barely had a third grade education. And what I remember her telling us was that education was the way out. She also said that an education was the only thing they could not take from you. That advice stayed with me, and I consider education a lifelong journey.
There is always something to learn, and as such, a contribution to be made. A mentor once told me that if you know how to read, you can do anything.
I want to help others find a way through education. The fact that this is open to anyone is awesome. Learning itself is a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you.”