We are always thrilled to hear that others are using OCW materials, but we are equally happy to hear stories of how the OCW model has inspired others to share their own materials.  Wired Magazine recently profiled Iridescent Learning‘s Technovation Challenge, a computer science competition exclusively for girls.
Founder and CEO of Iridescent Tara Chklovski described in the profile how the OpenCourseWare approach helped scale up the program:

As we grew in size, it was harder to find women instructors who had a solid programming background as well as real world experience doing market research and product development. Our solution was to adopt the MIT Open Courseware approach and make high quality curriculum materials freely available online day or night.

You can check out the Technovation Challenge curriculum, which is openly shared on the Peer 2 Peer University site.  We are thrilled to have provided inspiration to such a great program.