A great panel from last August you might have missed. From the Nantucket Project, The Future of Higher Education: Massive Online Open Disruption panel included former Harvard President Larry Summers, Singularity University’s Vivek Wadhwa, Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel, Harvard dean Mike Smith, and moderator Peter Hopkins (co-founder, Big Think).
The description:

Today students graduate from college in the U.S. with a mountain of debt and a skill set deficit that leaves them unprepared for the challenges of succeeding in today’s knowledge economy. Some believe we seem to be paying an awful lot for a system that is under-delivering. Panelist and former Harvard President, Larry Summers, shared his thoughts stating, “the idea that there is a massive over-investment in education that needs to get scaled back is very badly wrong.”

This is from the period of time when Harvard and MIT were gearing up for edX, and covers broad themes that remain quite relevant.