A really nice write-up in Information Week on the efforts of the team that created 7.00x Introduction to Biology: The Secret of Life:

Getting this course online requires immense effort for both MIT and EdX. On MIT’s side, Lander tapped Michelle D. Mischke, a PhD in pharmacology who for the last 15 years has been technical instructor for the department of biology at MIT, meaning she develops problem sets and exams and works to support students day-to-day.
Lander and Mischke first met in May 2012 to discuss developing a MOOC version of the course. “I said, ‘this is an enormous undertaking, we need about three of me to even consider doing this,'” Mischke recalls. “He said, ‘build the team.'”
To build out the courseware, she’s hired a project manager, a curriculum development specialist and a programmer who is building things like problem sets that include three-dimensional models of proteins, which can be viewed from 360 degrees. She also has help from MIT biology graduate students.  Read more.

To learn more, check out the course trailer.