One of the great aspects of Open Education Week is all the great announcements.  Yesterday, we shared the launch of P2PU’s School of Open, and today we congratulate our friends over at UC Irvine OCW for the launch of OpenChem, a great–and comprehensive–collection of chemistry video lectures.  From their site:

OpenChem is first and foremost to extend the benefit that we have seen since 2009 from open and free publication of individual chemistry courses to an entire curriculum. What MIT did ten years ago with its OpenCourseWare initiative was to plant the idea of making quality educational resources universally accessible. The MOOCs have laudably extended this approach by providing instructional paths through individual courses at scale. What UCI hopes to do with this initiative is to present a coherent, full curriculum by a top faculty. Today, a learner can sit with us in our lecture halls and follow four years’ worth of chemistry core classes and electives.