Want to get a good view into the state of digital learning worldwide? This plenary session at the upcoming LINC Conference (June 16-19 2013 @ MIT in Cambridge, MA) is a great opportunity:

“The State of Technology-Enabled Education Around the World”
Fernando Reimers – Director of Global Education and of International Education Policy at Harvard University
Lúcia Araújo – Head of CANAL Futura, Brazil, a premier educational TV channel reaching 32 million viewers.
Robin Horn – Education Advisor and Former Education Manager of the World Bank’s Human Development Network
Ok-hwa Lee – Professor of Computer Education at Chungbuk National University and expert on Educational Technology in Korea
Cliff Missen – Director of the Widernet Project and the eGranary Digital Library at the University of North Carolina
This Plenary Session to be followed by a panel discussion in which audience participation will guide the discussion and debate.

More great sessions announced soon!