If you are thinking about taking one of MIT’s new MITx courses, you should be sure to check out OCW’s MITx related courseware lists, which link to prerequisite and follow-on course materials on our site related to the MITx courses. The lists also contain materials from the corresponding versions of MIT campus courses.

These lists demonstrate how OCW and MITx, while very different in intent and design, are also very complementary. MITx is a teaching environment, with assessments and interaction among students and–to some extent–teaching staff. OCW is an environment for openly sharing educational resources, where classroom content is shared without access to feedback or interaction.
OCW, though, is a broad resource that helps to place MITx courses in context, situating them within the wider curriculum from which they were developed. This means that if you get into an MITx course and realize you need to brush up on prerequisite knowledge, we are your safety net. Likewise, if you finish an MITx course and want to dive deeper into the subject matter, we have the materials to keep you going as far as your ambition takes you.